My transparent background video is not showing as transparent

Hello -

I have been having a lot of trouble getting my transparent background video to show as transparent when I upload to my Webflow site.

For awhile I figured it was the after effects renders, but I dragged my MOV files into Photoshop and they are in fact transparent.

I have even been exporting something non-animated from After Effects with the transparency grid toggled and the render settings set to RGB + Alpha. There are no solid or shape layers in the After Effects composition.

I have checked each div and the background color in the webflow panels and they are all set to transparent as well.

I have also been having issues with videos getting stuck at transcoding around the 95% mark if that helps, but it seems to just be another problem.

Thank you for anyone who can help, I have searched and searched.

Here is my site Read-Only: [][1]

did you find a solution for this?