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My published site is missing certain things from the preview site

Hello everyone!

The main issues I see are that:

  1. In the navbar, instead of darkening the selected option, it just disappears on the published site.
  2. On the Our Team page, instead of fading in the interesting facts about team members, nothing happens.

Thank you in advance to anyone that helps!

Below are the read only link and published site.

Hy there…

Try to Select the Navlink. Then move to the bigger screen size 1280px and up an make it visible (click on layout-display-reset in the preferences right. should solve the problem

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For myself i started to check all the screen sizes when I work on an element. So I get sure to have the full responsibility on whole page

Thank you so much! I’ll make sure I check the responsiveness of the whole site next time. Really appreciate the help!