My project - can you give me any tips?

Hi everyone, this is Yena, a new kid. I knew this friend who is a coding genius and he’s made a bunch of websites when he was, like, nine. I’m twelve and I’m planning a surprise website to show to my friends and also develop my own patience and determination. I’m in this thing for free since I can’t spend money on this, so I have very limited things. I’m making a website that lists a bunch of life hacks and it’s really simple, but I want to make it look professional like an adult did it. I’m not even close to finishing, so I want some suggestions. Explore Life Hacks
That’s my link.
It should look absolutely horrible.
I also can’t figure out how to change my URL to make it simpler and easy to access.

Hey, welcome! Awesome you’re working on websites at that age :slight_smile: Your link does not seem to work though