My images are shrinking due to images being too large?

My images on a page are now shrinking. This did not happen when I created and published the page. Right above the heading, “The Residential Dorm” is supposed to be a pic. It was there. Now it is that tiny box. When I go to Webflow, it gives me a "This file is very large and will make your load time slower. Replacing it with a smaller image. " It does this for 2 photos. When I look at the numbers, I do not feel they are crazy for this page. Am I wrong?

What it looks like now.

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Hi @jtk

Can you try giving those images a width of 100%?

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Do you mean to take them out of the container? I believe they are 100%.

Hi @jtk

Here is an image showing what I was referring to:

You can probably remove the flexbox from the container as well as well (GIF)

It’s got a 1vw width, for some reason.

10 PM

Interesting. How did it get that? I don’t see it in Webflow.

Not sure, but it’s gone now (set to 95vw currently).

@Cricitem, I did not put the 1vw or 95vw as a value. I also do not see it in Webflow. Should I be able to @Brando?

It’s strange, considering the width is set to 100% of the container. I can’t even see anything at all on the page that’s set to 95vw so it’s a mystery to me where that number is coming from.

One of the pitfalls of using a WYSIWYG is weird stuff like this.

I’d say as long as your page is functioning as it should, you’re safe to ignore it.

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@jtk It looks like these values came form the srcset— the responsive images feature. Setting that 100% width seems to have resolved the issue though! :slight_smile:

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