My hover out trigger isn't working

Hi! Me again!!

For some reason the hover out trigger isn’t working on the ‘Non-profits’ button, when hovering out the ‘We support your cause’ text should stay on the page (like the rest of the above button + text hover states), not disappear like its doing now, does anyone know why this is happening? the trigger animations are all the same throughout the four buttons, See the link in preview mode to understand what I mean



Here is my public share link: LINK Webflow - Testing Animations
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Hi @Aixa_Jemmott-Musin,

Would setting the ‘Fly In 4’ interaction to ‘Hover out’ instead of ‘Hover in’ fix this issue?

Hi! Thanks so much for helping me out with this, it seems to be kinda working now, the text still sometimes disappears when I take the mouse away abruptly, do you know why this is? also there’s a bit of a animation lag when the mouse hovers off too