My cookies are getting deleted from one page, to another

Hello webflow expert :slight_smile:

We need to use an ab testing solution on our website, but the tracking cookie they use is getting “deleted” from our homepage to the pages we want to track, for some unknown reason(s).

The cookie’s name contains the word according to our ab testing partner : “combi”

Here is our home page and 2 ways to access our form page. The form page is the first place where the cookie disapears. :

Here is the form page, and
In green the 2 ways to get to our form page where the cookie gets deleted

The other (most important) place the cookie doesn’t show up, is the thank-you page, once the form is submitted, here is the URL : Découvrez nos étudiants New Form Calendly

We want to optimize both for the ratio of page view of the form, and the ratio of conversion.

Any idea as to why this is happening would greatly help us.


A marketing guy that needs a helping hand :purple_heart:

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