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My Agency/Portfolio Website!

Hello Webflow Community!

Having built and launched a couple of websites for friends, and with several people showing an interest in having sites built for them, I decided to finally build my own website so I look somewhat credible. So a couple of days ago marked the launch of Jolly Good Web (and here’s a link to my Webflow designer page.)

I don’t intend to give up my day job any time soon, but the more I learn and build in Webflow the better I become. I first started learning Webflow approximately 6 months ago, with no prior web design experience of any kind.

I hope you all like the site, it was the first time I used Animations so that was a pretty steep learning curve, and still lots more learning to do!





And finally, a funky Lottie 404 page:

If you read this far, then thank you for looking!

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I’d love to know people’s thoughts on the design of the black backgrounds. I was originally going all black, but decided that was far too plain. So I went for an image with a very dark overlay on to make it extremely subtle.