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Multiple onclick events with the Webflow button and custom code to run a timer. Can this be done? Please help!

I have a client that has a website for an insurance agency and would like to do the following with the click of a single button.

The button in question is called ‘I want priority access.’ When a user clicks on the button, there are 2 things that should happen:

  1. The hidden ‘Call now section’ is shown - For this I used Webflow’s onclick animation.
  2. A countdown should start on the Call now section that counts down from 5 minutes to 0 as in 00:05:00 to 00:00:00 - I’m trying to use the onclick event of the button to trigger the timer(which I got from the Webflow showcase - but want help modifying it to count done from 5 minutes to 0 minutes - not sure how to do this - I’m a novice with javascript).

Here’s my preview link: