Multiple dropdown arrows misbehaving

Hi! I’ve created many dropdowns inside a nav-bar dropdown. They work great! But in the mobile view, only happens with the mobile itself, not on the PC:
when you click on the first-grade dropdown arrow, QUÈ FEM,

and then on the second-grade dropdown OSTEO & FISIOTERAPIA (the second menu drops down ok),
BUT if you then click on the last second-grade dropwdown arrow (ENTRENAMENT PERSONAL),
this dropdown doesn’t work, the dropdown doesn’t open, it opens instead the link that would lie underneath the dropdown menu.
I’ve tried everything, changing open-on-hover even. But the last second-grade drop-down keeps sending me to another page.
But if you open the drop-downs by order, the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th last, every dropdown works great!

Maybe it’s not a bug but i d’n hace a way to correct it!

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Fisiomoviment.activa

Thanks for posting about this — this definitely sounds like weird behavior.

It looks like your Read-Only link is no longer working, can you please generate a new one?

​Thanks in advance!


The page where I’m testing de dropdown for mobile is :


Hi @Fisiomoviment.activa

Thanks for sharing that! I took a look at your project and it looks like you have a link nested inside this dropdown:

Once that link is removed you shouldn’t be directed to a new page – hope this helps :smiley:

Brando, thank’s. I’ve changed the link for a text but the problem still remains, on the mobile you open the ‘Osteo & Fisio’ dropdown, and then, if you open the third or fourth drop down (Embarassades or Entrenament-Personal) it behaves wrong, the link beneath the drop downs gets activated, instead of the dropdown itself.
Maybe it’s not really solvable. Thank you anyway!!

Hi @Fisiomoviment.activa

I made a quick video showing how you can get this resolved:

Hope this helps :smiley:

Hi Brando! Thanks so much for the worries. I’m affraid that the problem still remains because i did what you advised me, in the page , which is the draft where i’m trying everything. And the mobile version, not the pc-mobile interface, but the real mobile experience, crosses the drop-down links with the background links. Can I show you one more time with a video, if i can explain better? One last try please!! :slight_smile:

Hmm. That’s definitely odd.

Can you please try setting the dropdowns to open on click rather then on hover? We’ve tested on this end and it looks like it resolves the behavior :slight_smile:

Hi, it does just the same, with the open on hover unselected. I you don’t open one by one, it fails to work well. I’m sorry for the trouble. I’ll try some other solution, but it’s kind of strange, isn’t it? I’ll try to build another dropdown from zero.

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Best of luck with the redev! It’s definitely trick to get nested dropdowns to work across all browsers and devices. It may be worth trying to build out a custom dropdown using interactions using something like this:

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