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Multiple drop-down interaction – reset each box separately?!

Hi There,

Got an issue with some drop down interaction.

My aim is to open (drop down) the box by clicking on the title bar. Everything works totally fine, if I open each box (first click) and close it (second click) right after.


If I open one box – keep it open – and meanwhile open another, the mess is starting:

  • By closing one of the boxes again, both boxes that were open close
  • By closing on of the boxes, the little Open/close icon does not reset properly at on of the boxes.

I guess this is a initial state problem - I always mess up wit this… OR it my be a problem with the Class I gave the trigger in the interactions panel (Childern, Siblings, etc.)

Would be great to get some help?

Thanks a lot - best, Patrick

Here is my public share link:

I solved it. Just changes the trigger as element not class. Simple.