Multi step tab form jquery validation


Can anybody help me with this. I know I need some custom code, but I am not so familiar how to access elements in webflow buttons and tabs.

When I click on next button I want to do a validation with jquery validation plugin. If all fields in tab1are correct then go to next tab if not jquery shows error message an stay on current tab. The same if you try to klick on tab2 directly do check if tab1 fields is filled in correct other wise stay on tab1. And the same if you try to go to tab3 directly. If you click previous button you can go back to previous tab.

this is just an example of a bigger form, but I need help with the logic.

Here is my public share link:
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I added tab-wrapper cant get it work i followed this I managed to get this work for a few days ago but after all updates in webflow i dont know if this works any more. I also experienced when working with tabs, elements just disappear now an then. you need to click on review or refresh the webpage to get everything back.

Hmm your custom code doesn’t even follow my tutorial.

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