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Multi-Step Form Field Validation

Hi all,

I have a multi-step form I bought through Flowbase, and it’s really great! However, I’m having trouble with required fields and it’s a bit beyond my expertise.

It prevents the form submission, which is ideal, but if the missing field is on a different slider modal, it won’t tell the user that it’s on a different slide. Is there either a way to 1. Not let a user click “next/continue” without finishing those fields or 2. Provide a tooltip message on the final slide that tells the user which field is missing?

Happy to give anyone access to take a look, or I’m also willing to pay for some support on this too.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Onboarding - Realty ONE Group Signature

I think the first step would be to contact the company that sold the product to see if there is any documentation that comes with it which describes how form field validation works for the product.