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"Multi line" heading max-width issue

Hi all :slight_smile:

Can’t believe how far I’ve come with webflow yet… truly amazing to develop my design into a real responsive website !

I recently got stuck with a multi line problem with my headings… when the heading stays on one line, the max-width that I set is working well, but as soon as the heading is taking two lines or more, it seems like the heading is set to its max-width… my idea, was originally to set a max-width so that we can still see the black line between the heading and its CTA… I think it looks cool.

My question is, how can I ask the headline element to stick to its heading “boundaries” so that the separator line works the same way it would work with single line headings (right now, there is a gap between the multiline headings and its respective separator…)

PS: the heading element and separator div are grouped into a flex box… so that the separator adapts its length according to the heading’s length.

Please feel free to have a look at my screenshot to better understand what I’m sayin :slight_smile: Hope it helps !
Thank you !!

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