Multi Level Menu Drop down not working in iphone

Hi, Here is my website under Product and Picture Gallery there I have multi level dropdown menu, which is working fine in desktop but in mobile. that multi level menu links are not working any suggestion please?

Open menu using settings panel, set drop toggle to blue background.

Thanks @samliew I know its background color thing, but I am talking about that multi level menu links not working, suppose I click on 3rd level menu from mobile it doesn’t go anywhere.

Need more info. Published link? here is Public Link, and on Product and Picture Gallery Link in menu have 2 step dropdow, first step dropdown is working fine in tablet, but 2nd step dropdown links are not working in tablet, like when we click on it it doesn’t go on page. like Product>Natural Stone>Granite when we click on Granite in tablet, it don’t go anywhere, but in Desktop It works fine.

@samliew its working here on preview mode but when I upload it on server here . that menu multi level menu links are not working phone.

Sorry, I am unable to provide assistance for exported/externally hosted sites (on this forum).

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