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Multi-language website


I want to have a multi-language website. I use the duplicated pages approach.

Question is how I can remove home from URL, ex. and ONLY have (for the homepage)


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You can’t have appear as There’s little control over the URLs, at the moment, on Webflow.

However you can have a page named “fr” under the root, and the rest of the French pages inside a fr folder. So that the url of the fr home appears as and other pages as for example.

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Hi Vicent,
I hope you’re well.

I am trying to follow this Webflow article: How to create a multilingual website in Webflow | Webflow Blog, the first option “ Duplicate websites and pages ”, but I am not sure how to proceed as it’s not explained very deeply in the article. I was hoping you could give me some help?

I guess these are my main doubts:

  1. Is it all in the same project, correct?
  2. I have to duplicate all my pages and translate their content + duplicate all collections and translate all posts of the duplicated collections, correct?
  3. In therms of URL, how it will work? The english home-page is “”. What will be the link for the portuguese version?
  4. To make sure the portuguese pages appear to portuguese people, and english pages to english people, is through the hreflang, correct?

Thank you so much in advance,

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