Multi-image filed not looking the same when published


I have found a bug that I just cannot figure out.

Simply put, when I use a multi-image field as the source for a collection list, the layout looks just how I want it in the designer and when I preview.

The problem is that when I publish extra padding / margin is added…

The screenshot shows an image used in a collection list coming from a multi-image field.
The bottom image is merely an image block pulling in the same image from a single image field in the same CMS collection. Same padding added and all looking nice and aligned.

Once I publish it this happens…

Suddenly there is extra padding???

I have spent hours using every different combination of Divs, Sections, padding, margin, etc, etc, etc but it only happen when the source is coming from a multi-image field.

Please help!!!

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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To help you efficiently, we need your site’s public read-only link. Do you mind sharing it please? Here are two methods to generate it.

1 - From the Designer, top right button. This is the recommended way as it will link directly to the page you’re on.

2 - From your site’s Settings panel:

Once generated and copied, come back here to paste the link.

Thanks in advance.