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Multi-column dynamic horizontal scrolling from CMS

G’day Webflow users,

Thought I’d share a solution for dynamic multi-column horizontal scrolling of a Collection List. It’s controlled by the viewer, rather than as part of a viewport-activated horizontal interaction - via IX2.

There are two versions included on the link - one for desktop and one for mobile devices:

  • The desktop version uses slider-like button controls activated by a "click to animate’ interaction. It’s hidden on mobile devices. (The section/wrapper for this version must be set to overflow: hidden to hide scrolling bar at the bottom of site))
  • The mobile devices version (hidden on desktop) uses basic custom css in the page header - specifically overflow-x: auto; (The section/wrapper for this version must not be set to overflow: hidden)

With limited coding capabilities, it’s taken a while to get this sorted so I hope it helps somebody :slightly_smiling_face:

MOD-EDIT: Projects removed by author.

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Both links don’t work @Fathom

I deleted the projects a while ago to free up space in my Webflow account, sorry.

Hey, could you share the process or settings you used to make this happen?

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