Modal Window does not reset to top of scroller

Hi there,

I have created a modal window to pop up when a button on my website is clicked.

The modal window is 2VH in length as there is a bit of content in it.

This means the user needs to scroll down to view the content and this is fine as it is necessary.

When the user is done reading the content, he/she clicks a button to close the modal window back onto the main page.

However the problem is, if the user then clicks to go back into the modal window again, the modal window is scrolled down to the bottom (the last place the user was on the modal window).

My question is, how can I make it so that whenever you click the button to open the modal window, the modal window opens at the top of the content, ready to scroll down through the content.

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Please share your read-only link.

This is it, under SIKURA V2, click process and it opens the modal window.

An interesting problem. Yeah, no way to solve this without custom code. The issue here is that inside the scrollable modals one cannot “go to section” which makes it impossible to, say, set your close button to simultaneously go to the top of the modal - it will simply scroll your main site behind the modal).

My knowledge of scripting is limited but I am interested to learn of the solution myself so I will watch this topic to see if anyone more knowledgeable answered your question!

Yes it had me confused here as I wasn’t sure whether I was missing something simple or that it was more complex.

Thanks for your response and hopefully somebody will be able to help out with a code to get it working, it will be interesting to see how it would work.

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