Modal disappears on click for map & issue with pop up

I am having issues with the map integration for my location page - I want a map that has pins for the different locations but it is way too big. Additionally, when you click on the cities next to it the other buttons disappear.

The second issue, I created a simple pop-up for people to pay based on their location, but I can’t get it to show on the Size Guide, FAQ, and Contact Page. I have made it a symbol but it is not working properly. I got it to work once but then I had 2 pop-ups on the home page. Fixed that but still need the button to display the pop on every page with the exception of the location pages, which will have an individual button for that particular facility.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Here is a shot of the map on the current site they have - They basically want a site that looks pretty much the same as the one they have.