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Mobile view scrolls left and right

My site is wobbly on my iphone, meaning it can be pushed left and right like this:

I’ve checked to see on the designer, also in xray mode, to see if any elements are larger than they should, but everything seems to be within the screen size. It doesnt scroll left and right in the designer mobile view mode.

Odd thing is that everytime I scroll down to the Blog Section, the entire site becomes normal, not scrolling left and right:

How do I fix this so it doesnt scroll left and right?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, @mrhedgie

Could you share the link to published site, please?


Ok, so you have an animation when one of the team members info sliding in from the right side. Initial state of that column cause the overflow and that is why you have this horizontal issue.

Set the row, which contains the team members info to overflow: hidden. Should fix the problem


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WOW @sabanna , that fixed it! Can I ask how did you even see that? Is there a mode where i can see all the initial states?

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There is no such mode. It is just common issue. Right slide animation will cause overflow unless parent of the animated object has overflow: hidden

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