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Mobile View is Driving me nuts

On my home page I have as you scroll images that zoom in and then text overlay. It all looks fine in all views except mobile and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. If anyone has a minute to chime in I would appreciate it

Here is my public share link:

It’s not the cleanest way to create the zoom effect on scroll.

If you used a div with a background image set to cover you won’t have the issue of the image being distorted the way it is. Add an offset too of around 25 - 35% on in and out so the user will see the zoom happen too.


so I removed the image and just did a background image with the offset but now table and mobile are worse off then before?

I"m not getting why you have so many negative numbers with your positioning…

I’ll scrap the section and record building that bit agin and share the video…

that would be amazeballs! Thank you

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On it now. Give me 15 mins tops… I hope!

Hope this helps, a much simpler way I hope of achieving the same result. Site looks great by the way! Let me know if you get stuck!

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