Mobile VH does not take into account native browser UI

Hey team,

I’ve designed a landing page whilst I work I the rest of my portfolio, however, I am running into a viewport height issue on tablet and mobile.

I have a container set to 90vh, with some text aligned to the top, and links aligned to the bottom (flexbox, vertical space between).

The issue is on tablet and mobile - the links cannot be seen on the first load because the VH is accounting for the device screen size, rather than the visible viewport height.

I’ve seen a few other posts around this but I cannot seem to find a simple fix for this, any ideas?

You’d have to set the height manually using javascript.


var windowHeight = $(window).innerHeight() || document.documentElement.clientHeight;

to get the visible viewport’s height, and then use


to set the actual height. Replace .class-name with the class you’re using in Webflow

Posting to this category - the guidelines require a read-only link and if you have published the site ( or otherwise) a URL so it can be inspected in a browser. Additional info about the devices and models where you experience an issue is very helpful.

Thanks @webdev, apologies I have added the read only link above or you can view it here

@basvanstraaten thanks I will try this and let you know!

In this case your published URL is very important. If you share it I will look. If not good luck.

No problem -

Thanks for your help.

Your height is 100vh on div.cover-page-content and IOS and some other mobile devices lay the address bar over the viewport, thus the hidden nav. Reduce your vh or use flexbox to control the positioning of the child elements. You can always use the JavaScript method too.

Here is an example using flexbox on the body Head Body Footer Flex ( and a read only.

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Hi bsvanstraaten, I have tried to put your code, but could not make it work

Hi Jeff

That’s very interesting when applied to the body element for pages without scrolling. But in my case, as I have to scroll down, I have to use vh to have a full height on the hero section. The problem is that on the bottom of the hero section I have a button that is overlaid by the address bar. I have seen on some website a bottom navbar that moves according to this address bar.

Here is my readonly link and the published version

Any Idea ?