Mobile version of my sight is not scrolling

Hello, a website I’m developing has been having issues with the mobile version of the website not scrolling.

I’m still a novice with webflow so not sure what I’m doing wrong. From reading other forums I’ve tried making all my layers visible from hidden, resizing the Div blocks, adding a body with all the layers inside and messing around with the program that probably didn’t help my situation. The strictly mobile version now doesn’t scroll at all on my computer too. I’m a visual learner so if someone can provide screenshots of my mistakes/issues id be truly helpful.

read only:

Thank you!

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Your body isn’t selectable on vertical-mobile. Need to reset this.


Hey thank you that worked for my computer! Now its just trying to get my mobile phone be able to scroll as you swipe.

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I’m unable to test without a link to your live site but make sure you’ve published the change and test it in “private” mode or empty the cached data for the page.

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The read only one or the published site?
read only: Webflow - IMCO Kitchen