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Mobile scroll not fluid

Really weird but it’s partly working, still left page is not scrolling properly :thinking:

Got it, they are different classes test my link! I added left:

Haha! working on the left but anymore on others. It’s exactly same code as you

It’s working for left, right bottom for me in my project.

Let me know if there’s anything more you help with.

Hey @jorn
:white_check_mark: iPhone working vertically
iPhone not working horizontally bottom and right
iPad not working vertically bottom and right
iPad not working horizontally bottom and right

I’m sure it’s ready to be totally solved but still… And client is checking too lol

Hope you can fix all with css :crossed_fingers:

Same as before they have different class, I added “content”. Now it works for me in iPhone landscape as well.

Hope it works even for you. Cant test on iPad right now.

You’re the man :slight_smile:

But your webflow version is working, mine not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

one thing to try, here’s the code I’m using

  .content, .content-wrapper, .content-page-left {

  overflow-y: scroll; /* has to be scroll, not auto */
  -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

Working perfectly now :tada:

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YAY! Congrats :grinning:

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