Mobile navbar scrolling problem

I’m about to go live with a site but just noticed that on my mobile (Xperia X), when in horizontal view, I can’t scroll down the menu items. I’ve checked the forum as I see others have had this problem and have set my navbar to 100vh and scroll to Auto, but whereas it’s working on mobile vertical mode, it doesn’t work when horizontal.

Can anyone please spot where I’m going wrong?


Read only link:

@starfish can you provide a out of editor view please

Sorry, it’s


@starfish when you are creating on mobile always keep in mind SIZE! the vh of a Monitor is different then the view height of a mobile device so vh is going to cover the screen only and when you tell it to overflow auto your telling it ok go ahead over flow but keep it vh. create a div move your main links in there and on that div for mobile choose overflow scroll.

Hi, Thanks for the help. I tried inserting the DIV as you said, but that didn’t make any difference and I tried every combination of height and scroll options.

Other solutions on this forum mention setting the Navbar itself to 100VH and using Auto scroll, but I’ve used a different solution which I’m happy with.

Thanks for your help!

@startfish it works in the preview for me your issue is overflow if you had the oveflow you cannot scroll