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Mobile Menu Chopped off On Mobile Devices

Reference this POST (which is CLOSED but not SOLVED)

This “Solution” Does Not Work

Has anyone else come across this issue.

It basically makes the Mobile Menu useful.

when you try to move the scroll the menu
the scroll affects the main screen (which the menu is suppose to sit above).

This solution (Option 1 - Dropdown Menu) from @sabanna seems to fix this issue.

However, Option 2 - Left / Right Menu) also from @sabanna doesn’t seem to work.

In her image… you can see the DIV (scroll-wrap) she mentions

  • but apparently, @webflow has updated the menu system
  • and now you get a message saying “NavBar links can only be inside of a Navbar.”

So… with a DropDown Menu… it seems to be corrected…

But… with a Left / Right Menu… it seems to still be broken.

@waldo @PixelGeek

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