Mobile issue: How to fix back-to-top arrow position and remove surplus width?

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Hi folks! I’m very new to Webflow so I’m sure I have many other issues on the site, but here’s the one I’m tackling today:

On my site, I have a “back to top” arrow/button. It displays correctly on desktop breakpoints, but on Mobile, I thought it was failing to appear on my Home page and About page. Turns out, it does appear, but it’s off to the right side in some sort of excess width space.

In my first screenshot, I’m on the mobile site Home page, but I’ve swiped on the screen to the left which reveals the excess space and the position of the arrow button.

For comparison, in the second screenshot, I’m on a project page where the arrow and site width are both displaying correctly*. This is how I would like the arrow to appear on the Home and About pages on mobile.

*(For the most part… I think the size of the arrow button isn’t exactly what I set it to in the Editor.)

Please help? :sweat_smile: