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Mix blend mode is affecting the Nav menu unintentionally

I just applied a mix-blend-mode: difference to the nav but I have a problem that WF is also applying the blend mode to the dropdown main menu. Any way I can apply the blend mode only to the branding letters, middle nav text & hamburger menu without affecting the dropdown? (The blend mode is only visible on the published site)

Read-only link: Specialist Ceramics
Published site:

Hey @Joao_Oliva!

It looks like your dropdown menu will need to be a sibling of the Navbar element rather than a child. The mix-blend-mode applies to all of the content within the Navbar, which is why it’s being applied to the nav__menu.

I did a quick test and pulled the nav__menu out of the Navbar, and that got it a good bit of the way there. You’ll still need to tweak things a bit, but that should get you closer to the effect you’re trying to achieve.


I hope that helps!

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Thanks Blake! Indeed, I had to remove the elements I didn’t want blended outside of the nav container. Somehow I managed :slight_smile: thanks!

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