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Menu like my old site

Hi there, I used to use Kajabi and I loved the way the header worked there. You can see it in action at

Does anyone know if this is possible with Webflow and if so, how to make it happen?

Here is my public share link:

Thanks in advance!

I am by no means an expert in Webflow but I would look at creating two separate containers in one section but only one being a nav bar and the other (the one with the social media and login links) being a simple container with that information in it. I would also make sure to place the section with the social media links above the nav bar in that symbol.

Hi there MarketingSVI. What I am trying to achieve is the way the navbar moves and changes color. Here’s a video of what I mean

Create 2 NavTops.

The first “navtop-1” is visible when the site loads.
Also…at the bottom of your “I Provide Growth Services” section of the site…
place an absolute DIV with an scroll interaction that hide “navtop-2” and shows “navtop-1”.

At the top of the our products / services section… place an absolute another absolute DIV
that will hide “navtop-1” and show “navtop-2”.

I notice - in your example… navtop-2 has a white background and scrolls with the screen.

Normally… I’d make it stick to the top of the screen.

I didn’t make it pretty… just shows the basics
of how to accomplished your goal.

You can clean it up a bit.

Previously… I mentioned navtop-1… in your site it’s Primary Nav.

Here’s a video:

What Revolution said is the way I would look at doing it as well. Using interactions can create what you are looking for.

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