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Menu Fills Page Height For Navbar Setting Not working for me

Hey, Had Anyone facing the same issue?
In Navbar Setting, enabled Menu fills page height is not working.
As I am working on a client project I can’t share the link, but I put only default Navbar on a blank page.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi there @uxcosta.

Building off of an early forum post concerning this, is the Navbar settings set to one of the ‘Over Right’ or ‘Over Left’ settings?

Also, is there a certain kind of menu you experience you are hoping to build-out?

I’d love to give any further guidance in order for you to be able to build a great navbar for your client.

Thank you @RileyJones for your response.

Is there any way to fill page height with Dropdown?
I want like a menu that is not over left or right.

You’re welcome!

If you give the menu wrapper a height of 100vh and it will go the length of the screen:

Also, there is a video from the @PixelGeek who amazingly re-created the apple menu in Webflow to where similar ideas can be made from the steps taken:

Hopefully this helps, and let me know if you have any further questions.

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:heart_eyes: Thanks a lot @RileyJones

It helps me to achieve the menu.

Have a good day.


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