Memory Issues on Mobile for Latest Project - Some Crashing

I’ve been excited to be working with the new animation capabilities of webflow on my latest project. I’ve found a few issues that the client also mentioned on mobile (testing on iPhone X):

  1. On scroll, there is unwanted horizontal motion. This gives the impression that the interface is wiggling around—is unstable, etc. It also gets stuck sometimes offset to the left. This is not good. Please advise.
  2. With all that’s going on, we’ve actually had the site crash the browser multiple times. I had a bunch of animated blurring effects that I took out, and this is helping. In general, please let me know how to remove items from memory that are no longer actively animating on the screen. It doesn’t seem like display options (show/hide) can be activated via the interactions panel.
  3. In general, there is a jumpiness on scrolling that seems to be because of memory issues. Please let me know what the best practices are

Any advice and help would be appreciated.


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