Material Design Button Behavior

Is it possible to integrate or recreate a button with a ripple effect like in Material Design?

Accent-colored raised button with ripple


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Your public share doesn’t work.

Anyway i would have done it like this

I can send you the project if you want

Hey zbrah,
thx for your reply.
The button behavior in your example is static meaning no matter where I click on the button,
the effect starts at the bottom and goes up.
But in the original example it adapts to wherever I click on the button.
The ripple starts there and expands outwards.
Is there a way to achieve this as well?

My project is not public ready yet. O:-)

Oh ok i didn’t realised,

Well yes, you could do 4 trigger

Each trigger has a fixed width and height, which is basically their parent width and height divided by 2 (in my example parent would be button container relativ)

Triggers are set on absolute position (corner top left, corner bottom right etc…)

Then ripple effect is not one but 4 div, with different initial apparence for each one.

Tell me if its not clear ^^


I’ve edited the first link.
Now working as expected. You can start from this example and divide by as much slice as you want.

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