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Margin not working in preview

My current design works just fine in the designer, but then I try to preview it the padding between the hero-columns and home-content does not work:


Columns are trap “Webflowers” - I believe that columns are designed to present text and not for composition. I dive in your project and found that you are using Min H, Min W, Max W and Max H to control your elements. I suggest you to get rid of the columns and use flex box. in case you are not familiar with flex you can start here - webflow university. For any other questions feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

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Hi @designor, it is not clear to me which styles you are having trouble with, can you tell me a little more about what kind of layout you are trying to achieve?

Is it possible for you to upload a screenshot of the affected elements?

I would take a look at the Flexbox example layouts for a good responsive two column layout:

If you can help to share more info on the exact part of the design that is not rendering as you expect, that will help a lot.

I’m trying to make the design you see in the designer, which looks like this:

However, as you can see in the preview, my design ends up looking like this. which is not what I want:

The div block ‘home-content’ (last picture with paragraph) already has the ‘display: flex’ property.


image3 in column-2: set the image to static position instead of absolute