Mapping Webflow forms to Hubspot forms

Hi, I’m having issues with mapping the Webflow form to the Hubspot form, I have installed the app on both platforms with full access. But the “save” button on Webflow is frozen.
Please find the image below for reference.

Also, do I need an enterprise plan to set up the flow?


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Hi, try following this video and see if it helps:

Hey @Navin_Kumar The Hubspot app does not require an Enterprise plan. Were you able to resolve the issue? If not, send through a ticket to and our team should be able to assist with troubleshooting.


Hi @Drew_Schafer, I’m having the same issue, but cannot access support - -I can only see pages from webflow university. Anything you can do to help is appreciated. :slight_smile:


This video focuses on putting a HubSpot form in Webflow via the integration. Do you have advice on how to map a Webflow form to a Hubspot form? When I attempt to do it, “Save” is greyed out.

Same issue as the OP.