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Map with multiple locations

I need a map with multiple locations. This webflow map clone option might just work. Can anyone tell me how I change the map location/coordinates within the code?

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Hi @Bammedia,

This project is CMS driven.
Once you’ve recreated the same CMS structure, you need an embed in your collection list.

In this case : embed-pic-car


You just need to link the dynamic fields inside the embed :

You also need a div with the class: google-map-canvas

Don’t forget that you’ll also need your own Google maps API key.

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Hey, thanks for your response. So there’s no way then for me to use this code outside of Webflow CMS for a map with multiple locations?
Asides from Google Maps does other options in Webflow exist for this?

How many locations do you have ? There is that lets you customize your map and add multiples marker but they’ll be non clickable markers.