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Making the button same size as form size

in the editor the button size appears the same as the forum size, but in view mode it doesn’t

in editor:

in view mode desktop:

in view mode pad:

Hi @Aimanisms, thanks for the post. So that we can look at the styles on the button, could you share your read-only link to the site ? Without being able to look at that, my first guess would be, that there is more width on the page in preview mode (in design mode, the Designer tools panel (on the right) is taking up some of the available white space, constricting the full desktop width).

With the read-only link, we can see what styles are on the form, the columns and the other elements. Design mode will could be constrained (visually, depending on your layout) if you are using responsive sizing for your layouts. Cheers, Dave

I played with making the button bigger within the designer in different forms (web, mobile, ipad) but when I went into the view, it was completely different.

So I just kept it the size it was before.

I would still like to know how to change it, but spend too much time on it already.