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Make Webflow's Background Video PLAY on iOS and Android

For anyone who ran into this problem: Safari on iOS will not autoplay video if your phone is on Low Battery Mode. Turn this off and the autoplay should work as normal with this code.

Saving someone the trouble of having to figure this out the hard way like I did.


Thanks for this clarification, I got the play button all of a sudden and was stumped why since it was working fine a moment ago - now it all makes sense.

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Hi, just came across this post because my website was malfunctioning on iOS. Found a solution that should work for anyone who has this issue:


Wish I knew that earlier! :smiley:

Thank you!!! I would have not gathered this

Yes, this works! Thank you so much!

Thank GOD! I was having such a difficult time tryong to figure out why my video wasn’t playing as it should. Your a life saver

Hello, I believe that this code does not work anymore… Is there any way to update it? :slight_smile:

Hi I know this is an old post but I used the code and it worked initially, but now it’s just gone back to not playing on mobile. Why would that be?

Maybe the recent iOS update?

Yes. Neither of the old fixes works anymore. I’m guessing due to the iOS Update as well. Any new fixes?

Yup! I just noticed this too.

still works for me on a reletively new android,… not on iphone 6s