Make tab link background transparent when clicked on

Heres is my website Webflow - Silky Club

All looks well until you click on either “tab link 1” or " Tab link 2". i tried editing the properties when clicked however, that didn’t change anything a gray background fills as soon as the tabs are clicked. How do i go about removing it/ making it transparent?

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Hey @Wilsonchap

First of all you’d need to add the same class for all of your tabs, let’s say for example “Wilson Tab Link” after that you’d want to style the Tab links in 2 steps:

1st step would be when it’s not selected meaning that you’d want to style a tab which is not “active” at that moment. You can see that the “active” one will always have this green current label next to class name

2nd step would be when it is selected and you can style the background by using background properties in style pannel

Let us know if this helped or if you have any other questions, cheers, Flow Ninja Team.

haha i resolved right after making the post but thanks for ur swift response

hey Marko would you mind helping me out again? i had another question that i had left on the forum relating to the images on the tabs not appearing on my official website