Make shopify buttons load under all tabs

Hi there, I saw on this post which is a bit different from what we need but apparently it’s possible to load shopify buttons under non - active tabs, I have been dealing with this issue and it would be great for us to have it as we need this functionality to use the tabs to separate service tiers, does anyone know how to make this work?

Here is the test link to see the issue: service page test 2 the shopify buttons only load on the first tab and not on the others which weren’t active upon loading.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Wonsulting

Hi @Fernandoaal,

There is an easier way to do this by customising the Shopify buy code which then injects html buttons wherever needed instead of iframe code etc. This also fixes the issue you have regarding a cart toggle for users to view their cart and check out if they visit another page etc.

It also makes it easier to manage the styling of all elements as this is done in webflow and not individual on each but of html embed.

Happy to go through this solution with you in more detail. Feel free to drop me a message

Hopefully I can help you find a cleaner and easier to manage way to achieve this.