Make full height grid

Hi all, I just started to use Webflow and am confused how to properly set the height of the grid. I want it to be full height of the layout but it only stuck at the top of the page.

I already changed the width and height of the grid to 100% but nothing changed.

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Hi @kaixas,

You can set the ‘grid’ element to height: 100VH if you want the grid itself to take up the entire viewport: Webflow - Paperless 2022-05...

You could also set the height of the row to 100VH instead of the height of the grid if you want that row to take up that height: CloudApp — Not Found

This will all depend on the content you want to use but hopefully this will allow you to play around with those values.

You may also find this helpful: CSS width & height, object-fit, overflow, and CSS units (ems, rems, vw, vmin, fr, ch, and more) - YouTube

Hope this helps!