Magnification for images


This is my site link:

On the gallery page, if the user clicks on the magnifying glass I want the image to open up larger for desktop and tablet modes. Any suggestions?

Also in all the pages I am not able to see the end of the last section.


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Hi @shonali,

  1. You should use the lightbox component for a gallery experience with modal and linked elements.
  2. Your <body> have margin-top:100px which makes everything on your page 100 pixels lower, hence the 100 last pixels of your page are “out side”

I can’t recommend enough the webflow university lessons about designing and building with HTML, CSS and Webflow…

Thanks, that worked. Except how do I get rid of the underlined text below the images in the Gallery section? Have checked the typography options and have turned off the underlining but still does not work.

Sorted out the body margin on top, thanks.

Yes, I have been going through the webflow university lessons in great detail.

Change the lightbox link element typography.

Did that thanks. Still have a problem with text below the life studies section - that’s not showing up. I’ve taken the margin off from the body, so don’t know why this is happening. Also should I click the HDpi option in gallery images?