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Lottie Canvas renderer changes aspect ratio of Lottie

So I am using a lottie on a website I’m building and everything seemed to be working perfectly until I checked it on iPhone and noticed flickering, I found out through the website that I had to change the setting from SVG to CANVAS. However when I do this it completely changes the ratio that I created the Lottie in (square) to a very widescreen one, this causes for the animation to become way too small to view on a mobile screen. Where am I going wrong? Is it something I have to change in the lottie file?

This is the page:

This is the aspect ratio in svg modus:
Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 18.55.11

And this is in canvas modus:
Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 18.55.18

I also am looking for the solution for this! Did you end up figuring it out?

Hey Martine, did you find a way to work this out? I’m still looking for a solution. I tried some custom code on attributes (data-preserve-aspect-ratio) but it made the Lottie to scale and now it’s cropped somehow!