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Lottie animations Flickering

I am setting up a lottie animation and it is generating this error:
When I set it to be continuous it flickers every time it finishes and starts the new animation. I am using the “Scroll into view” animation with the “Loop” selected, I have tried doing the render in SVG and in Canvas and in both it does the same.

Could someone help me to know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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It is a known issue with lottie. The way to handle this is use a timed animation instead of lottie sequence and insert lottie animation inside. This is the setup

Note the 99% on the second element - not 100%. This is how you eliminate the flicker.

edit: obviously this interaction should be set to “loop”

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Hi Dram

Solved with the proposed solution, Thanks for sending me the link with the video to understand the solution.

Thanks again for your help brother… You are a genius.

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