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Lottie animation not working properly Safari. (URGENT)

Hey guys. I am new here. Facing a really weird problem with my Lottie animation.
I created it in After Effects using literally nothing but path keyframes.

I exported using bodymovin.
It works well across all browsers but Safari. In Safari it turns very large and messes with literally every element on my page. It looks weird in the preview too when using Safari.

I tried to change it to Canvas, but then it is filled with black. Changing the rendering to html makes it work but with black strokes instead of the original color.

I removed the animation from my live site until I fixed it. But would love to have it.

Did anyone else experience something like this? I attached some pictures, one using Safari with the preview, and one using Chrome.

I’d appreciate any help.

Hello. I have noticed the same issue.
There appears to be a conflict with the class “main” on the “animation-container” div. If I inspect element in the safari browser, and remove the class “main”, the animation snaps back into place.

The problem is, I can’t actually remove the class from the animation because it’s embedded by lottie files.

This is a recent issue because it worked fine a couple of months ago