Lottie Animation Load time

Hello, I was hoping that I would be able to get some advice please, from any genius out there that has had experience with working with Lottie animations in Webflow. I have designed and developed this webpage - https://www.holitionbeauty.com/solutions-page

My creative director has given me feedback that sometimes the Lottie animations do not load fast enough. It’s working perfectly on my computer even when I disable Cache. I did look at hotjar and watched a few videos back and there are a few users where it doesn’t load fast enough, I’m guessing because of the slow internet. My Lottie animation I don’t think is that big of a file size there about 500 KB, I can’t reduce them anymore I’ve tried everything thing. I have tried everything to try and get these assets loading faster. I would love some advice on what you guys do to make your Lottie’s load reliable.