Lottie animation jerky, not rendering on mobile

Hi there

I’m building a site for a client

We have a lottie animation activated by scroll on this page - Our Approach

It’s working perfectly on desktop but on mobile (on your device and not in designer) it’s breaking. It’s jerky the line element disappears… We are using the same setting on both desktop and mobile but it’s just not working no matter what we do.
I’ve tried using the Canvas setting, removing smoothing, removing 100% heights (as suggested by Webflow) but nothing works.

I’ve made a screen recording on my phone but it’s too big to upload here.
I’m desperate to get this thing working because we’ve put so much effort into the animation.

Thank you in advance.

Here is my public share link: Webflow - intogreat

I have this exact same problem and have dug through the forums with no answers yet sorry.