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Lottie Animation File Error: Unsupported JSON File

Hey guys,

Trying out the new lottie animation element, very glad to see this was added!

However, I am having trouble uploading my JSON File.

I get the “Unsupported JSON File” error when I attempt to upload it.

Not sure how to attach the file to this message, but is there a list of certain elements that can be used? The animation works fine inside the bodymovin player so I’m not sure what problem I could be running into.

Thanks for the help, looking forward to the replies.

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You’ve probably used nested compositions in AE. At the moment you can’t do this, everything must fit into one single composition. It’s not a Webflow bug it’s a Lottie bug.

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I also ended up troubleshooting and it turns out that it does not currently support Cameras in AE.


Just discovered the camera issue myself too. Unsupported.

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Thanks a lot for the camera tip, I would never guesses, and no mention of that in Webflow videos…