Lost site after new update

I had this site setup through webflow. The published site is still active https://www.sereneguide.com/ but I can longer find it in my dashboard. Last time I logged in was a while ago and it was a different design and layout so I’m assuming this might be some sort of migration issues?

Hi Judy,

I haven’t seen anyone mention missing sites here.
Check and see if you have any other workspaces attached to your login, and check folders etc. Maybe search “serene” or other names you might have given it. I have hundreds of sites in my account so it can be difficult to find them.

If you still can’t locate it, support should be able to assist you in finding it.

Since it has a custom domain you should see it in billing as well if it’s in your workspace.

Thanks Michael! I’ll reach out to support then. I only have one workspace and that single project. I did check my billing as well last time before posting and there were nothing either :frowning: