Looking for template that looks like simple producthunt/curated list directory

Reference site

I am looking for a template that fits the purpose of curated list/directory. I am willing to pay for the template or help.

I found decent templates on Wordpress, but I want to learn Webflow since it has more freedom to customise also I am a designer and want to learn to code.

EDIT I found this: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/dynamic-search?utm_medium=showcase&utm_source=dynamic-search&preview=094760d3d8eed8c050c30af399e727f5 but according to comments its not working properly.


I would be glad to help you with this.

Sending you a private message.

Teresa - Webflow Designer

Wondering if you eventually found a working template. I’m looking for one too! :slight_smile:

Looking to build a curated directory, I have started getting the content a spreadsheet will be migrating to airtable but I really need help with designing the website