Looking for Freelancers

Hello fellow Webflowers,

I have a small local marketing agency in California and we’re trying to increase our website production capacity. Before trying to hire an internal employee for this, I thought it would be smart to look here for freelancers who are already comfortable in Webflow and open to working with us to help us get more websites done.

I’m open to working with more freelancers as we grow. Most importantly, I’m looking for professionals who are good with communication and are open to having some flexibility with the way sites are built.

We have a process in place to gather and organize as much information as possible up front on every build so that we minimize (hopefully eliminate) time going back and forth with the customer to wait for their assets or other information.

These sites should be pretty/quick easy to turn over since every site has a defined plan. We follow a process that looks like this, and it works well because almost all of are clients are small businesses:

  1. Collect all relevant info during project kickoff meeting
  2. Frame up site map
  3. Fill in frame with content collected at kickoff meeting
    4)Style & Refine

If you are interested in connecting to see if this would be a good fit, please email me at cody@abv.team and put Webflow Freelancer in the subject line.

I am looking for the job. My Webflow website is https://get-started-int.com

Hi cody_Monroe
I hope this message finds you well
I have read your requirement and can help you out with that as We specialize in Webflow and welcome collaboration. With an in-house team of developers, we’re ready to tackle your project, let’s connect to discuss more in detail.

Looking forward having discussion with you soon